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Seong Ying Chai

Fortune Piglet Gong Zai Bing | 猪笼入水猪仔饼

Fortune Piglet Gong Zai Bing | 猪笼入水猪仔饼

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Gong Zai Bing, also known as Piglet Biscuit, is a traditional auspicious-animal-shaped chewy biscuit. Artisanally handcrafted following age-old heirloom family recipe, Seong Ying Chai’s Gong Zai Bing has cemented itself as a nostalgic childhood festival treat for many people.


  • CNY Limited Edition | Red Dates Filling 
    新年限量 | 红枣馅
  • Limited Edition Packed in traditional bamboo woven 'Piglet Cage'
  • Weight  重量  |  ±130g克 / piece只
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