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Seong Ying Chai



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Embark on a delectable journey through time with Seong Ying Chai's Signature Cookies, affectionately known as 'Ham Chit So.' Rooted in a recipe since the beginning of Seong Ying Chai, these cookies encapsulate a rich history that extends beyond their delightful taste. Having borne witness to the gritty evolution of Kuala Lumpur from a mining town, these cookies have a story to tell.

Once the pocket food of miners during Kuala Lumpur's mining era, these treats accompanied them into the bijih timah (tin ore) mines. Filling and long-lasting, these cookies were more than a mere snack; they provided a simple and convenient source of sustenance deep within the mines. Today, each bite of Seong Ying Chai's Signature Cookies carries the legacy of those industrious days, establishing them not just as a delightful treat but as a connection to the vibrant past of this bustling city.

  • Weight +/- 300 gram
  • Ingredients: Flour, Traditional (more than 60 years) Salt, Sugar, Water, Eggs.
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